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Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Georgia State University, Spring 2021

Instructor: Andrew Huang
Optional Textbook: Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition, Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein

Semester Schedule (Subject to Change)

101/11/2021 Introduction to the Course and Algorithms
(Slides) (Video)
Ch. 1HW0
(Due 1/19)
Pseudocode and Recursion Basics
(Slides) (Video)
Ch. 2.1
Extra Lecture 1: Recursion
(Video) (Exercises)
201/18/2021 Measuring Performance I: Runtime and Big-O
(Slides) (Video)
Ch 2.2HW1
(Due 1/28)
Measuring Performance II: Time and Space Complexity
(Slides) (Video)
Ch 3.1
301/25/2021O(n2) Sorts
(Slides) (Video) (Demos)
Ch 7, TwoSumHW2
(Due 2/4)
Heaps and HeapSort
(Slides) (Video) (Demos)
Ch 6
402/01/2021Divide and Conquer, Merge Sort, and Master Theorem
(Slides) (Video)
Ch 2.3,
4.1, 4.4, 4.5
O(n) Sorting
(Slides) (Video) (Demos) (Exercises)
Ch 8
502/08/2021Exam 1 Review
(Slides) (Video)
(Due 2/18)
Exam 1
602/15/2021Tree Properties, Algorithms, and Traversals
(Slides) (Video) (Code)
Ch 10.4HW4
(Due 2/25)
Binary Trees
(Slides) (Video) (Code)
Ch 12
702/22/2021BSTs, Self-Balancing BSTs
(Slides) (Video) (Demos)
Visualgo BSTs and AVL TreesHW5
Due (3/4)
Graphs Intro and BFS
(Slides) (Video) (Demo #1) (Demo #2)
Ch 22
803/01/2021Graph DFS, Properties and Topological Sort
(Slides) (Video) (Demos)
Due (3/12)
Weighted Graphs and Dijkstra's
(Slides) (Video)
Ch 24
903/08/2021Exam 2 Review
(Slides) (Video)
Exam 2
1003/15/2021Spring Break
1103/22/2021Mininum Spanning Trees
(Slides) (Video) (Demos)
Ch 16, 23HW7
Due (4/2)
Greedy Algorithms
(Slides) (Video) (Code)
1203/29/2021Dynamic Programming I
(Slides) (Video)
Ch 15HW8
Due (4/9)
Dynamic Programming II
(Slides) (Video) (Code)
1304/05/2021Algorithm Design
(Slides) (Video)
Due (4/16)
Search Problems and Backtracking
(Slides) (Video) (Vertex Cover Demo)
1404/12/2021P and NP
(Slides) (Video) (Demo)
Ch 34
Approximation Algorithms
(Slides) (Video) (MVC Demo) (TSP Demo)
Ch 35
1504/19/2021Review 1/2
Review 2/2
1604/26/2021Final Exam